Desing 32734 and 32735





   Who told that the beauty is in the simplicity gave me the inspiration for the constructing of these clocks. Their simply solution is the right simplicity with that they differ from today´s clocks.

How is the clock accurate?
   One hand is enough to know that you don´t manage it anyway. The few seconds of the difference don´t save you.

How often the clock has to be winded?
   The bob falls of 55 mm for an hour. Hang it above 1,8 m and it goes the whole day with the reserve of 8 hour.

Can I give it as a present?
    There is a small plate prepared for the donation opportunities on the clock, on which you can let cut the inscription.

Is it a copy?
   No, I designed and made the movement myself. The design of the clock face is processed by few designers and graphic artist - Mr. Radim Babák, Vladimír Netrval, Pavel Hrubý and M.A. Petr Olexa. Hereby I thank them for their help and worthful advices. The clock design is protected by design registration. KAVALIR ™ is a registered trademark.

Is the serial production established?
   No. I make the clocks individually and only in order. The customer can specify the material and composition. If you have an original request for the clock face shape we can realize it together. The clock face can be made of glass by using of the tiffany technique. Each movement gets its production number and the certificate of authenticity and origin.

Of which material is the clock made?
    The whole clock is made of steel or stainless steel sheet. There are some possibilities of surfacing here. The steel sheet can be made in the natural colour, blue annealed, softly sandblasted or in black. The rust patina is also possible. The stainless steel version can be made of burnished, brushed or softly sandblasted sheet. The hand is made of the same material or it is made of galvanic brazen steel sheet. I have been supplying also the gold-plated polished and matted version. The hand has the diameter of 3 mm and it is coloured according to your wish at the modern design of stainless steel clocks.